What is Data2Move?

In supply chain management and logistics operations, data can generate important new insights and trigger more effective and smart operations. But most companies experience difficulties getting their data flow to work for them. Do you want to know how you can integrate data into your supply chain and logistics operations? Data2Move can help you find the answers.

Data2Move is a research community, think-tank, and eco-system that operates on the interface of Internet of Things, Big Data and Logistics / Supply Chain Management. Here, academics and students from TU/e collaborate with prominent industry partners to advance knowledge on supply chain optimization with the aid of data. Together they deliver scientific results that can be put into practice and shared with other community members. Each charter addresses certain challenges:

1. Data-Driven Last-Mile Logistics: To improve efficiency of last-mile planning in terms of hit rate and volume utilization, we will study the use of geolocation, a transport marketplace and the combination of deliveries and pickups, keeping in mind human aspects like driver satisfaction.

2. Data-Driven Inventory: To optimize inventories, we will study end-to-end supply chains, benefit sharing among supply chain partners and predictive stock management.

3. Customer Sensing and Responding: To better understand the customer, we will work on demand prediction, demand shaping as well as mining the customer journey and touchpoints.

4. Supply Network Collaboration: To attain successful supply network collaboration, we will study how to build both trust and efficient platforms for data sharing and brokerage, using blockchain and control towers.

Data2Move and ESCF

Data2Move is one of the four research programs of the European Supply Chain Forum (ESCF), the premier Operations and Supply Chain Competence Centre in Europe. In ESCF the school of Industrial Engineering & Innovation Sciences (TU/e) and internationally active, innovative companies join forces in long-term cooperation, to stimulate breakthrough research and implementation in supply chain and operations management.

The other three ESCF communities are FMCG (Fast-Moving Consumer Goods), EHTC (ESCF High-Tech Community) and Servitization. While FMCG and EHTC focus on a specific industry, the focus of Data2Move is on the importance of data (and ICT) in logistics and supply chain management, irrespective of industry. Servitization focuses on the transition from product-focused business model to a service-focused business model.

For more information about our Team and our Partners take a look below. Want to know more about becoming a member? Click here. Interested in ESCF and the other communities? Check the ESCF website!

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