Today, it is no question anymore if  Big Data will soon play a key role in logistics. When you are familiar with the industry, you are able to name a few big changes that will be seen in the near future. We know why logistics will benefit from Big Data. We know what uses are already thought of. The big question(s) to overcome for industry front-runners is how?

The Data2Move initiative is a research community and eco-system on the interface of Internet of Things, Big Data and Logistics / Supply Chain Management. Academics and students from TU/e and Tilburg University collaborate with prominent industry partners to deliver results that are both practically and scientifically relevant. The community has determined four project charters to work on:

  1. Data-Driven Last-Mile Logistics: To improve efficiency of last-mile planning in terms of hit rate and volume utilization, we will study the use of geolocation, a transport marketplace and the combination of deliveries and pickups, keeping in mind human aspects like driver satisfaction.
  2. Data-Driven Inventory: To optimize inventories, we will study end-to-end supply chains, benefit sharing among supply chain partners and predictive stock management.
  3. Customer Sensing and Responding: To better understand the customer, we will work on demand prediction, demand shaping as well as mining the customer journey and touchpoints.
  4. Supply Network Collaboration: To attain successful supply network collaboration, we will study how to build both trust and efficient platforms for data sharing and brokerage, using blockchain and control towers.

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