For Laurens Kauffeld, it was a no-brainer to recruit Master student Stan Brugmans for their Multi Echelon Optimization project. “Anne (Recruitment and Talent Sourcer at Office Depot) and myself interviewed a couple of students and unanimously choose Stan. During his interview, Stan came across as professional and well prepared. He was able to explain why he chose our project and showed genuine interest in Office Depot.” Added bonus was that Laurens believed Stan would fit in nicely with the team.
Stan proved to be quite a catch for the company and the team at Office Depot felt very privileged to support him during his Master thesis research. During his studies Stan acquired excellent analytical and statistical skills. According to Laurens, these skills are critical for any supply chain optimization project. In addition, Stan also showed great commitment, dedication and work ethic. “Besides his theoretical qualities, Stan’s personality contributed enormously to the results and success of his project. Stan has a ‘can-do’ mentality, he works hard and always aims for the optimal solution.”

Stan started the Multi Echelon Optimization project with a great deal of enthusiasm. He dug right in and invested time to grind through all the data complexities. He also analyzed numerous approaches to calculate safety stock levels. This research was not only necessary, but also very beneficial to Office Depot. Office Depot’s Smart Choice product range is sourced in a Multi Echelon Supply Chain. By further optimizing their supply chain, they were able to continuously offer the best value to their customers.

According to Laurens, Stan’s contribution to the research was vital. “Multi Echelon is a very challenging topic that requires dedicated time from an analyst. Stan’s research improved data quality, initiated further collaboration between the countries and gave us a direction in how to further optimize our Multi Echelon Supply Chain. These are three key factors if you continuously want to improve your business.”

Because the Multi Echelon project was a hundred percent about using data to optimize service levels, it comes as no surprise that data played an important role in solving the problem. As Laurens explains: “With data we are able to model, optimize and simulate the real world without waiting months for the results and risking bad performance. To get the right stock in the right place at the right time, we need to understand our customer demand distribution and supplier lead time performance.” Since this information is often hidden in big data sets, Office Depot needed Stan’s specialist knowledge and analytical skills.

In the end, Stan and Laurens both look back on Stan’s research period at Office Depot as a successful and mutual beneficiary collaboration. And it is still continuing. Much to Stan’s delight, a vacancy opened up within the department at the end of his internship and he is now working as a supply and demand planner. “When I applied for the Multi Echelon project, I already considered Office Depot as a potential employer because of their international character. During my Master thesis it became clear that I wanted to stay at Office Depot. They gave me lots of learning opportunities, invested their time and commitment and showed me that they really value my work.”

Office Depot continuous to develop and maintains high service and value in an increasingly competitive market. Data2Move plays an important part in keeping up these high standards for Office Depot. Thanks to the positive experience they had with Stan, Laurens is very open to other Data2Move projects in the future. “Data2Move helped us find and recruit interesting projects and talented students. They enable Office Depot to get access to state-of-the-art and up-to-date academic knowledge and the student projects give us the opportunity to work with driven and enthusiastic students. The support Data2Move showed during Stan’s thesis contributed to his development and the overall success of the project.”

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