20 February 2018

The second Data2Move Community event, with partners from industry and from Eindhoven University of Technology, took place on 20 February 2018.

Intro by Tom Van Woensel
Prof. Tom Van Woensel opened the meeting talking about the past, present and future of Data2Move as a community. He emphasized the importance of data as part of a decision support mechanism and explained the opportunities of projects within Data2Move in order to make data-driven operations real.

Keynote SAS + DHL (Edwin van Unen & Hans Schut): “Data Analytics for better decisions in Logistics – A use case at DHL LLP”

Edwin van Unen (SAS) and Hans Schut (DHL) introduced the topic of data analytics and its importance in logistics. They showcased how their collaboration led to cost reduction, improvements in many operational areas and increased sustainability. Mr. van Unen underlined the importance of transforming a world of data into a world of intelligence in order to gain competitive advantage, and explained the steps of data preparation, building analytical models, executing them on data and monitoring the results. In the use case presented by Mr. Schut, he emphasized that HDL has aimed to finding the middle ground between using a fully analytical solution and heuristics, to find the right balance in terms of accuracy and practical use. All in all, entering the world of machine learning and artificial intelligence requires both a company-wide data-analytical mindset and an integrated data platform.

The first Data2Move projects poster session: Project charters and projects started at companies by students within the Data2Move community

The students presented an overview of each charter and details on each project. The attendees had the opportunity to ask all their questions. These projects will be carried out from February to June and the (interim) results will be shown at the next meetup of the community on 14 June 2018. Here’s an overview of the ongoing projects:

Data2Move event table

Prof. Paul Grefen introduced the Data Ambition Matrix (Figure 1) using Porter’s value chain model. He explained various stages of data integration within a company and even within a companies’ market. Additionally, various stages of data implementation got explained as well. Both integration and implementation got used as axes for the Data Ambition Matrix on which the partners identified their current and future positions during the breakout sessions.

Workshop Breakout Sessions

The attendants and their respective companies were placed into 5 breakout groups. The purpose of the assignment was for companies to place themselves on the matrix (figure 1 & 2) with three pawns. The first pawn would indicate where companies think they are now regarding data integration and implementation. The second pawn would be placed where companies saw themselves in 2 years’ time and the third pawn would be placed where companies wanted to be in 5 years.

Figure 1: Data Ambition Matrix


Each group engaged in a discussion on the placement of pawns and the level of realism of the aspirations of the pawn placements for the present and the future. Once discussion ended the groups returned to the main hall where they would place 3 stickers with company logo on one giant matrix with their final positions. The workshop made companies aware that they have to take action now order to reach a higher maturity level regarding data integration and implementation, and gave an understanding to the companies about their position relative to others.

Concluding the Data Ambition Workshop

Prof. Grefen concluded the workshop by explaining his findings about the matrix. Not many companies placed themselves in the lower levels of the matrix right now and neither aspired to get to the highest levels in 5 years. However, most companies aim to make improvements on both implementation and integration levels. The goal of the Data2Move Community is to contribute to this ambition by working together on shared problems.

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Figure 2: DAM in action


Partners on Stage

Some partners have been particularly active in the Data2Move community. They were given the floor to talk about what they have meant for the community and what is planned for the future.

Data2Move Laundry by Léon Wennekes (TKT)

TKT has facilitated multiple projects already for the community and with this presentation and short movie Léon Wennekes introduced even more projects and opportunities in the laundry industry.

H&S group on Big Data in Supply Chain Management by Lex Dogterom

Lex Dogterom from H&S explained their projects regarding big data and what role it will play regarding supply chain management and what opportunities arise with using big data. They are among the partners who already initiated a project in Data2Move.

SAP on hosting the next event by Jan-Theodoor Wiltschek

Jan-Theodoor Wiltschek from SAP talked about the importance of integration and working together. Furthermore, he announced the next Data2Move meeting to be hosted by SAP in Den Bosch the 14th of June 2018.

Wrap-Up by Tom Van Woensel

To end the day, Prof. Tom Van Woensel recapped the learnings for the partners at the meetup and humorously explained his vision upon the data matrix and where companies positioned themselves. Prof. Van Woensel talked about the future, more opportunities for projects and the growth of the community. He also informed the partners about Data2Move Platform where partners can find all relevant information as well as any updates for Data2Move and the projects which will be set up by Data2Move partner CTAC. Besides he emphasized its importance as a collaboration platform. After all was said and done the day turned out to be a success and afterwards there was time for some drinks and relaxation.

Report written by:
Sam Smetsers
Bensu Ucar
Lisa van Lierop


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